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"Be a community in grace called to renew people, families and communities in a spiritual, social and cultural way through our vocations and in our service to others in the city through the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


This church was born through the prayer of many people that like us, wanted to see a church centered on the gospel of Christ in one of the most significant social, cultural and spiritual city of Mexico. After some time of prayer, by the grace of God a small group of people is created, meeting in a Bible study in the English language that was only intended to grow in the knowledge of the gospel. This group began meeting at the home of Howard E. Butt, a businessman from the United States based in Monterrey. We begin to meet once a week with only three leading men with the desire to seek God more deeply. Very soon we realized that we all needed to be part of a church to continue growing. And that is how the San Pedro Church was born in December 2013.


Where we do not seek to present a new religion, but rather a new relationship between God and us.

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Nuestro Diseño Ministerial SPC

Nuestra Historia y Proyección 2013-2030

Three elements of development of the ministerial life of the church

Love for Christ

Love for your church

Love for the City

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